Everything you need to know about Chest Freezers

Everything you need to know about Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are the perfect professional frozen food storage solution. Display chest freezers are also great to display your products effectively. Chest freezers promise a generous internal storage for your frozen stock, as well as solid lid chest freezers doubling up as additional counter space. 

Chest freezers are a vital piece of refrigeration equipment for any commercial kitchen, where you are a high end restaurant or a small convenience store offering frozen goods. 

Advantages of Chest Freezers

  • Easy and efficient storage of frozen goods
  • Range of sizes available 
  • Can double up as additional worktop space 
  • Self closing lids 
  • Consistent low temperature as there is no defrost system 
  • Generally more storage space than an upright freezer  

Disadvantages of Chest Freezers

  • Chest freezers can not fit under counters so take up more space in the commercial kitchen
  • Produce can be hidden at the bottom of the freezer and forgotten about 
  • Generally manual defrost so a little more effort is required (10 minute job) 

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