Most Popular Beer By Country

Most Popular Beer By Country

Whether you love it or hate it, beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks. In fact, as Business Insider writes, the global beer market is expected to rack up almost $700 billion in sales by 2020. If you’re looking for your beer fix and want to try something new, read our list of the most popular beers around the world.




Foster’s may be the first drink you think of when it comes to beer in Australia, but it’s actually Victoria Bitter that’s the most popular choice. XXX Gold is another popular choice.




What could be better than soaking up the Brazilian sunshine on the beach with a bottle of your favourite beer in hand? In the country, Skol is the most popular brand – but it wasn’t an easy journey getting there. The beer was originally brewed by Caracu, bought by Brahma, merged with Antarctica, then AmBev, then InBev, and is now owned by AB InBev, which is the world’s largest beverage company. Phew… we need a drink after all of that!




Snow Beer is not just the most popular beer in China, but because of the country’s sheer size and population, it’s the most popular beer in the world.




You can’t beat a curry and a beer on a Friday night, and India certainly knows how to do both. The country’s most popular tipple is Kingfisher, which has 50% of the market.




How could Italy’s most popular beer be anything other than Peroni?!




One of the world’s most well-recognised beers, Heineken, is produced and sold in the Netherlands. It also happens to be the country’s most popular.




Ringnes’ history dates back to 1876, which is perhaps why it has enjoyed continued success in the country. The drink is manufactured by Danish drinks giant Carlsberg.




San Miguel Brewery is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines and has an incredible market share of more than 95%. Unsurprisingly, San Miguel is the most popular beer there.




It’s hard to get away from the fact that Russian’s enjoy their drink. While spirits like vodka are usually preferred by the average Russian, Baltika is the country’s beer of choice.


South Africa


Castle Larger won the ‘World's Best Bottle Lager' award at the International Industry Awards in 2000 and is the country's most popular beer.




In Thailand, Singha is a powerful lion – and it also happens to be the country's most popular beer brand. 


United Kingdom


There's a lot of competition from beer brands here in the United Kingdom, with Carling, Strongbow, Coors, Carlsberg, Heineken, Stella Artois and Guinness all receiving honourable mentions. Our most popular beer, though, is Budweiser.


United States


Just like the United Kingdom, Americans love their Budweiser. In fact, the beer has an 11% market share but has been tipped to the top by its reduced-calorie Bud Light cousin, which holds 28%.


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