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Christmas Opening Times
We've been working hard all year, which means it's time to give our lovely office staff a well deserved break over the festive period. Be sure to take a look at our opening hours when placing your order.
5 Tips To Make Your Pub Cosy This Winter
As British, we all love a good moan about the cold weather, but what better feeling that getting into your local pub and feeling cosy? For all pub/bar owners, we've listed 5 top tips of how to make your pub extra cosy.
Throw a Christmas Party to Remember!
Now that we've reached December, we are officially in the festive season, which can mean only one thing, PARTY season! But how do you make sure you throw a party to remember? Check out a couple of our ideas to help you get the party started!
Product Focus: Kool Double Sliding Door Bottle Cooler
Product Focus allows us to give a bit more information on some of our products. Allowing you to make an informed choice when selecting your next product. This time it’s the turn of our Kool Bottle Coolers and the NRLB-BD210AS Sliding Double door bottle cooler in particular.
Meals To Keep You Warm This Winter
With winter drawing in, and the dark nights getting earlier, what’s better than getting home and tucking into a homemade meal? We’ve put together a list of our top 20 favourite winter meals. Let us know if yours has made the cut!
Cafés are a staple in the UK high street. Weather it is meeting up with friends or going for a quick bite to eat, the café Is always there. But when it comes to setting up a café or renovating an existing shop it is hard to know where to begin.
How to start a pop-up restaurant
If you thought pop-up restaurants were just another food trend that would eventually go away, then you’d be wrong. This is one trend that is alive and well.
5 tips on throwing the best Halloween party
As autumn approaches so does everyone’s favourite holiday – Halloween. Whether you’re planning something strategically or throwing something together last minute, our list of tips should help you get started with the party.
How to beat the winter blues at home
In winter it is common to feel sad and listless. This is a type of seasonal depression commonly known as the winter blues that comes around as the days get shorter. Here are some things that might help.
How to make your restaurant run smoothly
If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-growing demands of your restaurant, or if you’re trying to get a new business off the ground, here are some tips.
How to choose the best wine cooler for your business
Whether it's pinot noir, zinfandel, or some other form of wine that you want to suitably maintain before serving, it's all possible when you use a wine cooler. However, with a wide range of wine coolers available, you can benefit from learning how to choose between them.
5 must-haves for your café business
There's something undoubtedly quaint about the idea of running a coffee shop, which likely helps explain why so many people have chosen to do so. So, what would a café business of your own require?
How to plan a successful engagement party
The expected elements of such a party are not as clear-cut as they used to be, however; so, here are a few pointers for planning an engagement party that will work well in 2017.
Double or single door bottle coolers: which one is best for you?
So, which type of cooler - single door or double door - actually would be best for you? You'll be in the best position to answer that question once you read this article.
How to throw an event to remember at home
We’ve compiled a list of tips and ideas to help you throw an unforgettable event.
5 of the most essential appliances to start your bar business
If you are thinking about starting your very own bar business, there are a lot of different things to consider.
Great Kitchen Design Tips to Easily Accommodate Visitors
Here at Corr Chilled, we understand how important it is to have a kitchen in which everyone feels at home. To ensure the best possible kitchen design for your guests and yourself, we have compiled a list of three key tips.
The benefits of having an ice machine behind your bar
Your bar staff could have a lot of demand for ice. After all, they could be serving hundreds of customers daily - and all of them could want their drinks cool, which ice is ideal for ensuring.
5 great gadgets you should invest in to make the most out of summer with your children
Summer is here, and that naturally means that you are likely eager to get out and about - and with your undoubtedly similarly enthusiastic children in tow.
How to effectively use a blast freezer
Blast freezers are designed to reduce the temperature of your hot and warm food after cooking and improve the food safety of your operation.
Top tips for picking the right fridge for your restaurant
In need of a new refrigerator for your commercial establishment?
Benefits of using a cold room over a refrigerator
Whether you run a bar or a restaurant, the chances are that you’ll refrigerate ingredients to use when preparing food for your patrons.
Our top tips for throwing the perfect summer BBQ!
With the summer months just around the corner, it's time to prepare your home for the barbeque season. Whether you're a seasoned chef or new to cooking chicken outdoors, we've put together our top tips for throwing the perfect summer BBQ.
5 cocktails you need to try this summer
For many of us, summer is a time for socialising with friends, spending time outdoors and making the most of the warmer weather and lighter nights. One great way to get into the summer spirit, however, is by drinking a cocktail or two.
8 ways to increase your pubs presence
Pubs are the local meeting point for friends and colleagues in the UK and as we head toward the summer every pub is going to see an increase in business due to school holidays and longer day light hours. But how do you ensure your increase in business stays? We have compiled a list of 8 ways to increase your pubs presence in the local area.
The gadgets that will make your commercial kitchen run smoother
Whether you are stocking up on appliances for a restaurant you are about to open or replenishing the equipment for one you already run, you need to tread carefully. Gadgets made for use in commercial kitchens can differ significantly from those intended for households. There is largely because the latter equipment generally doesn't need to be as durable and high quality. Here are some particular items that you should look out for when trying to supply a commercial kitchen.
6 gadgets you could really do with this summer
With summer just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the gadgets that you should invest in this year. We’ve put together some of our favourite technologies that will make your home more efficient, more modern and more fun. Enjoy!
The Most Expensive Pubs In Britain
At Corr Chilled, we know that many of our customers will be used to serving their clientele with refreshing drinks from their bars, pubs and restaurants. Indeed, we’re known for supplying high-quality commercial refrigeration to our thousands of customers across the hospitality industry, and so today have rounded up the ten most expensive pubs in Britain.
Ice Machines, What’s the difference?
Here at corr chilled we sell over 30 different ice machines. Most of which do different things, but what is the difference between the machines and how do you know which is best for your business?
Most Popular Beer By Country
Whether you love it or hate it, beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks
CorrChilled Carbon Neutral
We at Corr Chilled love the environment. In everything we do we ensure we are being as environmentally friendly as possible.
The Kitchen Of The Future
Our homes are smarter than ever. With new technology entering the market seemingly every day, from smart energy meters to home entertainment systems, we're entering a world of exciting possibilities. One room in our home that will benefit from technology more than any other, however, is the kitchen. So, what will the kitchen of the future look like? Below, we've put together some of the possibilities.
How To Make Alcohol Taste Better
Whether you’re planning a party this weekend or you just want to make the most out of your evening tipple, it’s important that you make your alcohol as tasty as possible. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together five ways you can make alcohol taste delicious.
Pub 17 - In Review
Corr Chilled visited Pub17 in February. Here is our review
The Most Notable pubs in the UK
There is a long tradition in the UK of going to the pub. It is etched in British tradition and there are claims of pubs being around from 700AD. From our soaps (Queen Victoria, Rovers Return, Woolpack) to Hollywood movies (The Worlds End) the British pub is an institution.</
Product Focus gives you a more indepth explanation of our products. This week we are looking indepth at the Kool T-50. The latest in our Kool range. The 50 Litre fridge is a great price of £89.99 the lowest price on the market. The item comes with an interior light and a shelf as standard.
CorrChilled at Pub17
Corr Chilled will be attending Pub 17 in February. This is a chance for you to meet the team behind Corr Chilled and discuss your commercial refrigeration needs....
The CorrChilled Pub Quiz 2016
Pencils at the ready! It is time for the CorrChilled 2016 Pub quiz. Tweets @CorrChilled your score
10 Things you shouldn't put in your fridge [INFOGRAPHIC]
What you should and shouldn't put in the fridge has always been up for debate. Well debate no more as we at CorrChilled have put together a list of 10 products you shouldn't put in the fridge.
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