Water Softness in the UK - Do You Need a Water Softener?

Water Softness in the UK - Do You Need a Water Softener?

When buying a commercial dishwasher, glasswasher, and laundry washers you may or may not need to buy a water softener so that you don’t damage your equipment.

Below is a table so that you can work out, roughly whether or not you would need a water filter or not. For a more specific yes or no answer please click on the chat with us or leave us a message button in the bottom right of your screen and tell us your postcode so we can find out if you definitely need a water softener.

Completely Soft 0-16 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Naturally Soft 17-51 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Moderately Soft 52-120 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Moderately Hard 121-223 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Hard 224-291 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Aggressively Hard 295-359 mg/l as calcium carbonate
Very Hard

360+ mg/l as calcium carbonate

Anything that is not Soft to Moderately Soft will need a water softener, buy them here.


Do I need a Water Softener?


Water Softness by County
Bedfordshire Hard to Very Hard Lancashire Soft to Moderately Soft
Berkshire Hard to Very Hard Leicestershire Medium to Moderately Hard
Buckinghamshire Hard to Very Hard Lincolnshire Hard to Very Hard
Cambridgeshire Hard to Very Hard Norfolk Hard to Very Hard
Cheshire Medium to Moderately Hard Northamptonshire Medium to Moderately Hard
Cornwall Soft to Moderately Soft Northumberland Medium to Moderately Hard
Cumbria Soft to Moderately Soft Nottinghamshire Medium to Moderately Hard
Derbyshire Medium to Moderately Hard Oxfordshire Hard to Very Hard
Devon Soft to Moderately Soft Rutland Medium to Moderately Hard
Dorset Hard to Very Hard Shropshire Medium to Moderately Hard
Durham Soft to Moderately Soft Somerset Soft to Moderately Soft
Essex Hard to Very Hard Staffordshire Medium to Moderately High
Gloucestershire Hard to Very Hard Suffolk Hard to Very Hard
Greater London Medium to Moderately Hard Surrey Hard to Very Hard
Hampshire Hard to Very Hard Sussex Hard to Very Hard
Herefordshire Hard to Very Hard Warwickshire Medium to Moderately High
Hertfordshire Hard to Very Hard Wiltshire Hard to Very Hard
Kent Hard to Very Hard Worcestershire Medium to Moderately High
Yorkshire Hard to Very Hard Mid Lothian Medium to Moderately High

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