Benefits of using a cold room over a refrigerator

Benefits of using a cold room over a refrigerator

Whether you run a bar or a restaurant, the chances are that you’ll refrigerate ingredients to use when preparing food for your patrons. Indeed, having the appropriate commercial refrigeration is essential in ensuring the safety of your customers, and so finding a refrigerator that works for your premises should be a top priority. However, when you do choose your next refrigerator, you may want to consider a cold room. Here’s why.


Greater capacity

Having the capacity to store more food than necessary is essential when working in the hospitality industry – you need to be prepared to cater for large events and have enough stock to see you through during busy periods, like in the summer holidays. Cold rooms, typically, are much larger than commercial refrigerators, allowing you to store more produce and have peace of mind that you won’t run out of space in a hurry.



The ability to walk in and out of your cold room offers endless benefits. Not only does it make food storage more space efficient (as you can store foods towards the back of the cold room and access it easily without removing endless boxes), but it also allows you to get what you need as soon as possible. For example, if you've had an order for a menu item that you don't cook on a regular basis, or you want to serve customers with an exclusive drink, you'll be able to do so without any pressure.



Forget stacking shelves and rummaging through your supplies to find what you need – a cold room gives you the freedom to keep your food organised and in its place. Some large catering establishments have multiple cold rooms for different aspects of their operation – one room for drinks, one room for meats and another room for storing frozen items such as fries, ice creams and other goods, and all goods can be accessed immediately on foot. Having this freedom and flexibility isn’t possible with standard refrigerators, which is why cold rooms are favoured by many.


Temperature control

Having the ability to adjust the temperature of your cold room means that it can be used for a variety of purposes, which is a particularly attractive feature for seasonal businesses. You could, for example, use your cold room for storing ice creams and frozen goods during the summer months, and then use it for refrigerating drinks and food for the rest of the year.



Of course, there's no denying that cold rooms have a bigger footprint than fridges, but they can still help you to save space within your premises. The cold rooms on our website are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be adapted internally to feature shelving units depending on your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to free up space when compared with using multiple refrigerators. Plus, all of your refrigerators, door accessibility will need to be factored into the equation.


A cold room means that you can make your commercial kitchen work for your operation’s exacting needs. Find out more about our cold rooms here, or call us on 0161 442 9174.

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