The warranty covers mechanical and electrical faults which may occur within the warranty period. Please check your warranty cover on purchase.

Service calls are placed through CorrChilled.co.uk unless otherwise stated.

If a service call is placed and on attendance the fault found is due to incorrect positioning, installation or usage then the call out will be chargeable. If an engineer is called to site and no fault is found then the call out will also be chargeable.

For correct product usage please read the Product Usage and Servicing section below for more details.

The Different Types of Warranty

  • Parts Only warranties mean we will supply replacements for any faulty parts within the warranty period provided the diagnosis has been made by a qualified engineer and paperwork is provided as proof.
  • Parts and Labour warranties mean that we will send a qualified engineer out to you to assess and solve the issue. If the fault is found to be genuine The price of any parts and engineer labour time will be covered.
  • Return to Base warranties require the unit to be collected and returned to diagnose the problem off site. If the fault is found to be genuine and covered under the warranty rules below, the unit will be repaired and returned, or replaced.

Warranty Cover

  • The warranty period takes effect from the day of delivery and lasts for the duration stated on the invoice.
  • The warranty is non-transferable.
  • The product must be situated, installed and used correctly. Failure to do this will lead to chargeable service call outs or may invalidate the warranty.
  • The product must be cleaned and maintained regularly in line with the recommended product usage guidelines. Failure to do this will lead to chargeable service call outs or may invalidate the warranty.
  • If a labour warranty applies Bottle Coolers Direct trading as CorrChilled.co.uk retain the right to attempt to repair the product without offering a replacement. Any replacements are supplied are at the company’s discretion.
  • Any warranty call out will take place between 8am/6pm, Monday/Friday.
  • The warranty covers UK mainland sites only.
  • It is recommended that you have a planned maintenance programme for your equipment which includes regular servicing by an engineer. Failure to maintain your equipment may lead to chargeable call outs or your warranty being invalid.


  • Any unit supplied without the standard warranty such as clearance, graded or used stock.
  • Any modifications, 3rd party additions or changes from the manufacturer’s standard specifications will invalidate the warranty.
  • Consumable components are excluded from the warranty. These include, but are not limited to, door gaskets, brackets, lights, light fittings, light tubes, glass, keys, shelves, locks, outer casings, plug, cables, night blinds and any other "consumable" item (refrigerant etc.)
  • User error which results in damage or failure.
  • Any fault not reported within 7 days of identification.
  • If the unit has had an attempted repair or modification from a 3rd party prior to contacting CorrChilled.co.uk about warranty claim.
  • Failure to maintain the equipment to an acceptable standard invalidates ALL warranties.
  • Failures due to fire, power surge, flood, act of god or any other uncontrollable circumstances
  • Use of the equipment outside of its specified operating conditions or approved purpose.
  • The warranty does not cover any cabinet contents or stock.
  • Warranties apply to UK Mainland sites. If in doubt, please contact our office for confirmation of warranty.

Product Usage and Servicing

This is a brief guide to good product usage and also provides a check list in the event of any problems arising with your unit. Please read prior to installing your product and also before submitting a service call.


  • Check the electrical supply to the unit. Check the plug fuse and socket. Ensure that the power supply to the unit is correct and is not overloaded.
  • Ensure the cabinet is positioned level. This is important to allow defrost water to drain away.
  • For glasswashers and dishwashers make sure gravity drains allow water to drain away easily. Remove drainage pipes and inspect the drainage point in the unit for broken glass or food that may have become lodged preventing drainage.
  • Do not place a refrigerated cabinet close to a heat source such as radiators or heated cooking appliances as this will effect the efficient running of the cabinet.
  • Check the site ambient temperature is not exceeding what is required for the equipment. Keep temperatures as low as possible. Temperatures above what is recommended for a certain cabinet will cause internal cabinet temperatures to rise.
  • Do not position units in direct sunlight especially display refrigeration as this will have an adverse effect on the temperature inside the cabinet and will cause food to spoil.
  • Do not place cabinets in cross draughts. This can be from open doors or windows, fans or from an air conditioning system.
  • Make sure the site is well ventilated. All cabinets produce hot air that needs to escape. Ensure any site has sufficient ventilation at all times especially at night if doors are closed.
  • Ensure that there is good airflow all round the cabinet. All cabinets rely on good cool airflow for efficient operation. Especially near any vents. Minimum distances are available if required. Do not block cabinets in against walls or other cabinets as this will cause overheating. Prolonged overheating will cause the cabinet to fail.
  • All refrigerated cabinets are designed to take pre-chilled produce. Trying to chill warm or even ambient foods will have an adverse effect on any existing products in the cabinet and also the refrigeration equipment.
  • Serve over counters and prep tops are designed to hold and display foods during the day. Any food should be removed to storage cabinets or coldrooms overnight.
  • Ensure the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. Do not set the controller at too low a temperature. Not only will this increase running costs but can also cause the cabinets to ice up. Icing will cause temperatures to actually rise. If this happens, switch the machine off and defrost overnight. Switch back on and set the temperature higher.
  • Regular cleaning of the cabinet condenser is essential to prevent damage to the unit. This should be performed with a soft brush or vacuum nozzle and once the unit has been powered down, a minimum of every month. For cabinets sited in busy environments such as foyers, busy retail areas or kitchens, it is recommended that cleaning be more frequent. Regular cleaning will reduce running costs and increase the life of the equipment.

The information here is for general correct usage. Take time to consult the cabinet user manual for more specific information. Please refer to both before submitting a service call.

ANY faults caused by incorrect usage or cabinet situation are not covered by the warranty and will be chargeable.

Making a Service Call

If none of the above helps you to solve your problem then please contact us with the following:

  • Invoice number
  • Make and model of equipment
  • Serial number (usually located on the unit or on your delivery note)
  • Exact details of the problem on:

0161 442 9174
Or by email at info@bottlecoolersdirect.co.uk

We will then make arrangements for an engineer to visit.
Standard call-out times are 24-48 hours from booking call although in busy periods this may be extended.
Please note that warranty call outs are only made Mon/Fri 8am/6pm