Most Popular Gin Flavours

Most Popular Gin Flavours

Without a doubt, Gin has become increasingly more popular over 2018 and 2019. This is probably down to the many flavours now available. Whilst plain gin is all well and good, sometimes adding a bit of flavour can make all the difference.

If you love experimenting with new flavours, we've made a list of what we have found to be among the most popular. Gin lovers everywhere, grab a glass and give them a try. (Please drink responsibly!) 

Bathtub Gin. 

This award winning Ableforth's Gin is infused with six botanicals, orange peel, cassia, juniper, coriander, cardamom and clove. The infusion is blended into the Gin giving a unique character, allowing the botanical flavours to shine through.

Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin

Perhaps one of our personal favourites, (based on location and taste!) we find the 'Manchester Pink Gin' perfect when you're after a sweet, refreshing G&T. A sweet raspberry aroma. with a slight hint of citrus and juniper. Served with ice and fruit we think this is perfect for a Summer evening.

Florence Violet Gin

Made by Northumberland Gin Co. this gin has scents of the old time favourite parma violet sweets. Perfect when served with ice, tonic and blueberries. 

Monkey 47 Dry Gin

There are 47 botanicals that go into Monkey 47, hence the name! Also containing cranberries, this gin has a fresh and zesty scent with a citrus and pine finish. Interestingly, the creator of this gin owned a pet Monkey - perhaps also contributing to the choice of name!


Not forgetting the old classic, Gordan's gin is now available in a range of flavours, and overall is one of the top selling gin's across the world! Now offering Sloe Gin, Pink Gin and Elderflower, there's something for everyone. No wonder it's one of the best selling! 

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