How to make your restaurant run smoothly

How to make your restaurant run smoothly

Managing a restaurant involves many different aspects and skills, many of which can be learned over time and many of which can be helped by installing the correct facilities. If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-growing demands of your restaurant, or if you’re trying to get a new business off the ground, here are some tips.


Set up a POS system

A Point of Sale system will allow you to track sales on a daily basis alongside cash flow and food inventory. This is something that should be installed in every restaurant, no matter how small or established. Once you’re able to track things like how much you’re making and which item on the menu is the most popular, the day-to-day management of your restaurant is bound to be improved.  This system will also benefit the communication between the kitchen and the wait staff as it allows orders to go directly to the kitchen.


Update your menu regularly

One thing that changes regularly is the cost of food. This will, therefore, affect the cost of running a business that revolves around it. It’s important to have prices that keep the cost of food low while the profits continue to soar. The general rule is to keep food cost at around 30 – 35% so if you have paid £1 for something; you should be looking to charge around £3.34. Remember that you aren’t just paying for the food itself, you’re paying for someone to prepare, cook and serve it too.


Equip your kitchen well

It’s important that you equip your restaurant’s kitchen well because, after all, this is the heart and soul of the overall operation. The kitchen will have many employees going in and out of it every shift, so organisation is key. There should be a place for everything from dishes and utensils to commercial dishwashers and ovens. Having a kitchen that has been well-planned out will save you time and money as it will help to reduce food waste and spillage.


Maintain an effective work flow

Both your kitchen staff and wait staff should know how their areas are delineated from the moment a dish is ordered to when it is finished and taken to be cleaned. Your staff should know where goods are stored, where the main food preparation area is and where all dirty dishes and utensil go to be cleaned. An efficient kitchen is one in which the chef can prepare food of the highest standard in the shortest amount of time, and efficient wait staff will work closely alongside the kitchen to achieve impeccable customer service. To achieve this, it is important to maintain an open and honest line of communication.


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