Why Do Bottle Coolers Differ So Much In Price?

Why Do Bottle Coolers Differ So Much In Price?

With so many different types of bottle coolers, it can be hard to know which one to go for. But when prices can differ so much, it's good to know what your paying so much extra for! Our bottle coolers start from just £279 and can go up to £1610. So what's the difference? And what should you be looking out for when purchasing a display fridge for you bar or restaurant? 

To start, the lower priced chillers, are likely use budget material during manufacturing eg, cheaper plastic shelving. Design may look slighly less attractive, but if you just need them there do do the job- these would be perfect for you. For those looking to spend a little extra on a more aesthetically pleasing chiller, you might want to take a look at the stainless steel options. As well as looking more attracttive, you can be sure the materials used during manufacturing, are likely to be of much better quality. 

What you also want to look at, this the internal capacity. Bottle coolers can come in single, double or triple door options. Obviously, the triple door will have a much higher capacity, but will also be more expensive. 

Also effecting the price will be the standard dimensions of the unit. Although 900mm is the standard height, if you are limited on space and are looking for a low height bottle cooler, price often rises for lower height. 

As with most products on the market, a lot of the time, you are paying for a brand name. The more expensive units tend to have a much better reputation for quality. Well there's no difference with refrigeration equipment. Higher quality parts will be used in the factory at manufacturing point, meaning the life span of the unit is likely to last longer than a budget unit. 


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