What's the best fridge for your business?

What's the best fridge for your business?

With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which commercial fridge is best to suit your business needs. Let us help you with our very own quick and easy guide. Unlike a simple domestic fridge/freezer which pretty much would suit most people (depending on size!) commercial fridges are very different. It wouldn't be possible to list all of our products, but we have tried to mention a few of the most popular. Our sales team are also available to answer any questions about products on our website! 

Front of House


What do people want when they come to a pub, bar or club? A nice cold drink! Our range of bottle coolers are the perfect addition for any bar. If your bar is limited on space, then the sliding door option would be the way to go! With a variety of sizes and finishes, be sure to give your customer a chilled beverage. 


If you are displaying a range of chilled desserts, take a look at our patisserie display cabinets. We also have a wide range of ice cream display freezers, from 2 to 24 napoli pan display. Temp your customers with a mouth watering display of sweets and treats! 

Butchers Shops

If you work with meat, you know it's important to keep at the correct temperature, to ensure freshness. We have serve over counters that are specially set to meat temperature to suit your needs. 

Convenience Stores

If you have a convenience store, you will need to be displaying a large quantity of different products. Our multideck fridges are the way to go. Most come with 5 shelves plus base, and open fronted for easy display and shopping. 

Back of House

Storage Fridges/Freezers

Storage fridges are important to most catering businesses. With so much stock to hold, ensuring the right amount to fulfil customers needs is very important. Our storage fridges range from single-triple door uprights, and also under counters, which can double up as a prep table. 


It is important to ensure you have measured doorways prior to delivery, and also informed our sales team of any potential access restrictions. The units we deliver are bulky, and any failed delivery due to restrictions we were not aware of, can incur charges. 

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