Top Tips for Keeping Your Display Freezer in Tip Top Shape

Top Tips for Keeping Your Display Freezer in Tip Top Shape

Keeping your freezer in it's best condition is one of the most vital things when working with these units, you need to be constantly checking and cleaning the unit to make sure it doesn't deteriorate and eventually end up not working. If you'd like to buy a display freezer we have an extensive selection of great Display Freezers and Storage Freezers.

Keep the Door Shut

Invest a little time in to training your staff on how to use the fridges and freezers properly. Keeping the door of the fridge or coldroom propped open is one sure-fire method of wasting energy and making the compressor work its hardest. Do not over-stack the freezer as this will cause the air to stop circulation and eventually warm up.

Clean as You Go

If you don't keep the condenser clean on average this will cost you at least 8% in extra energy consumption. If you can see lots of fluff, dust or dirt covering the components, have your freezer properly cleaned by an engineer. This will also help stop the risk of overheating in the summer.

Check your Door Seals

If you have a split door seal on your freezer this could cost you 10-15% more energy while also increasing the cost to run your freezer. This seemingly minor issue can waste an incredible amount of energy and when it heats up this could become problematic. bc-gb Wash all round the door seal with warm, slightly soapy water and a cloth – do not use a knife. Check closely for splits or ill-fitting seals and replace them if damaged.

Check your Temperature Readouts

You should be constantly checking the temperature readouts of all cabinets throughout a shift to make sure the unit is running properly. After a long shift a freezer can become tired after constantly cooling down after someone has opened it. If they are not recovering from this properly or if your fridges or freezers haven’t pulled down to temperature after working all night – call an engineer immediately.

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