Smallest Pubs in Britain

Smallest Pubs in Britain

It's difficult to measure, as a simple bar in a cellar may call itself the smallest pub, but we have put together a list of some of the smallest pubs (open to the public!) in Britain, why not check them out, just don't take the whole family, you might not all squeeze in!  

1. The Nutshell - Bury St Edmunds

Prior 2016 The Nutshell pub held the Guinness World Record for the smallest pub, with a bar measuring just 15ft by 7ft. With the walls and ceilings covered in historical photos, currency notes and military items, there's lots to look and chat about whilst enjoying a drink! 

2. The Signal Box Inn - Cleethorpes

Not only the smallest pub in Britain, but The Signal Box in claims to be the smallest pub on the planet! Measuring at only 8ft squared, they might not be wrong! Although the pub in currently closed, we have it on good authority it will be reopening at the start of the season, with both indoor and outdoor seating, there's no excuse not to visit. 

3. The Lakeside Inn - Southport 

With several awards under their belt, including Pub of the Year, this small pub is definitely worth a visit. Over looking the lake, this is a beautiful spot in Southport to relax with a drink. Great reviews on Google and Tripadvisor puts this little pub high on our list of places to visit! 

4. The Circus Tavern - Manchester 

Tiny pub located in the heart of our home town Manchester. Now popular with football and rugby fans, The Circus Tavern is apparently named so due to the city's performers back in the 1800's often visting here. 

5. The Litte Prince - Margate

With space inside for only 6 people, The Little Prince has taken the crown from The Nutshell for the Guinness World Recold holder for Britains smallest pub. At just 6 by 11 ft, opened April 2016 was the only pub around. We're just wondering which bottle coolers they're using to fit the space!

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