National Drink Days

National Drink Days

Why not make every day fun and exciting for your customers? We've done a bit of research and found every drink day, for example did you know the 20th January is National Irish Coffee Week and the 23rd October is International Champagne Day?  We urge all cafes, bars and pubs, etc to print out this calendar and hang it in their shop to encourage random drink themed days. 

If you know a drink day that we;ve not listed, let us know and we will get it added! 


  • 1st January - National Bloody Mary Day
  • 11th January - National Hot Toddy Day
  • 20th January - Nationl Irish Coffee Week


  • 18th February - Drink Wine Day
  • 22nd February - National Margarita Day 


  • 22nd March - World Water Day
  • 27th March - International Whisky Day


  • 21st April - Tea Day 
  • 24th April - Sauvignon Blanc Day


  • 1st May - Lemonade Day 
  • 4th May - Orange Juice Day 
  • 6th May - Lemonade Day 
  • 7th May - World Beer Pong Day 


  • 11th June - Rose Wine Day 
  • 19th June - National Martini Day 
  • 20th June - National Vanilla Milkshake Day 


  • 10th July - National Pina Colada Day
  • 25th July - Wine and Cheese Day 


  • 16th August - National Rum Day 
  • 28th August - Red Wine Day


  • 1st September - World Beer Day
  • 29th September - International Coffee Day 


  • 19th October - Gin and Tonic Day
  • 23rd October - International Champagne Day


  • 12th November - Happy Hour Day
  • 23rd November - Espresso Day


  • 10th December - Lager Day
  • 13th December - National Hot Chocolate Day
  • 24th December - National Eggnog Day 


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