What is a Blast Chiller and Blast Chiller Freezer?

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Both blast chilling and blast freezing is the most effective way of cooling food safely and quickly to prevent the spread of bacteria. They are intended to rapidly drop the temperature within, perfect for food preparation companies, school canteens, restaurants and even for smaller back room storage of stores to name just a few.

The Corr Chilled blast chillers are able to chill food from cooking temperatures, approximately +70°C, to +3°C within 90 minutes. The blast freezers can also bring down cooking temperatures of +70°C down to -18°C within 240 minutes. Due to this quick temperature drop the blast chillers and freezers are able to allow you to freeze food items with smaller ice crystals than if done without, thus causing less damage. After the item is frozen you are then able to move it to a more conventional freezer to keep the food frozen.

As well as the preservation of the food quality, the blast freezer will be able to keep contamination of your food incredibly low. This is if you immediately place the food in to the freezer after safely handling it there will not be any spread of contamination throughout.

Blast chillers and freezers are the perfect invention as the food legislation now requires that all food must be cooled as quickly as possible and kept between +68°C and +8°C for as little as possible due to the heightened risk of bacteria multiplying.

Depending on the size and sophistication of your operation will determine which type of blast chiller or freezer you will need. For example, if you were to run a small kitchen preparing one type of food that only needed one setting and easy use you could go for a smaller simple cabinet unit such as the Studio 54 ALEX1 Blast Chiller. Whereas if you were a large company who needed specific settings for many different products freezing you should go for a product like the Angel ABF15P Blast Chiller Freezer

Blast chillers and blast freezers are an essential part of any commercial food operation that needs to keep food cold or frozen quickly and efficiently.

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