How To Clean Your Ice Cream Freezer

How To Clean Your Ice Cream Freezer

With Summer on the way, our ice cream freezers are becoming increasing popular, but once you've received yours, how do you ensure you keep it in great condition? One of the most important general maintanance tips would be to clean your freezer regularly. Here we have listed a couple of points to take note of when cleaning yours! 

Empty the machine

All un-used or leftover mix should be emptied from the machine. Be sure to wipe out the hardened ice cream that might have been missed when serving, there can often be a build up of this, so you want to make sure you give this a thorough wipe down, ensuring there is a clear pathway for water to pass. When flushing out, the water will probably look quite cloudy to begin with, but just keep flushing water through until it becomes clear to ensure deep keep. 


All freezer will differ slightly when it comes to removable parts, so it is always best to double check in your user manual, but you should (if able) remove all parts of the freezer that come into contact with the ice cream, and give these a good wipe down with hot and soapy water. Whilst the machine is taken apart, use the hot and soapy water to fill the freezing chamber of the machine, give this a good wipe, and rinse. 

Build back up

Once wiped down, dry with a clean cloth and carefully build back together. 

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