Every Pub Should Have These Fridges

Every Pub Should Have These Fridges

If you are thinking about opening a pub/bar, and starting to think about equipment to purchase, or perhaps you already have a pub, and want to know if you could make your display areas better, then take a look at what we think every pub should have in regards to refrigeration units. 

Front of House

Bar Area

1. Bottle Coolers/Beer Fridges - Perhaps a little obvious, but also the main display in a pub, so choosing the correct display fridge for your bar is very important. For example, you should think about what finish would compliment your bar area the best, we offer bottle coolers in black, silver and stainless steel finish. 

Another important thing to consider when purchasing a bottle cooler, is the space you have behind the bar. If you are quite limited on space, then a sliding door option would probably be better. We also offer hinged door options. 

Sizes vary from single door, double door, or triple door. 

2. Patisserie Display - If your business offers a dessert menu, then why not show these off to your customers to tempt them into buying?! We offer counter top displays, or if you have enough space, we have floor standing units, to allow more display. 

Back of House

1. Storage Fridges - Available in single or double door options, you will need a storage fridge to keep your food nice and fresh. For those that need a little more space, why not take a look into our coldrooms? A range of sizes are available. We can also complete full installation. 

2. Chest Freezers - Great storage space for your frozen goods. Our popular range of chest freezers would be the Vestfrost range, these come with an amazing 3 years parts and labour warranty! 

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