Making the Perfect Coffee

Making the Perfect Coffee

Most of us can't function in the morning without a nice coffee, in fact I am enjoying mine whilst I write this! But what makes the perfect coffee? This question is bound to have many different answers, but here we have taken a look into all the different coffee types, and what we think makes a great coffee. 

Stereotypically, the English are renowned for enjoying a nice cup of tea, but with Coffee becoming increasing more popular how do you know which Coffee is right for you? Black coffee? Half milk half foam? Touch of milk lots of foam? Take a look at your options below and know what you're ordering next time your in a Coffee Shop!


The base of all coffee choices, the Espresso is for those needing a quick wake up call in the morning. A short, sharp shot of Coffee, popular with those who always seem to be busy. The sign of a great Espresso is the small caramel-ish coloured crema sitting on the top. An espresso should take between 20-25 seconds to pour. 

Flat White

Still a short drink, the flat white has the espresso base with smooth steamed milk to top off. A flat white should be similar to a latte coffee, but much smaller in volume. 


Perhaps one of the most popular coffee options, the latte is a very milky based coffee. With the espresso base, and smooth steamed milk and a very small layer of foam to top. We've been very impressed by some latte art skills shown to us recently, send us your pics and we'll choose our favourite! 


A cappuccino should be similar to  a latte, but with less steamed milk, and a large foamy top. Our top tip would be to bang the jug of steamed milk on the counter (try not to spill any milk!) This helps prevent air bubbles in the foam. 

Finish with a chocolate dusting to add to the taste!

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