What You Need To Know When Buying a Multideck Chiller

What You Need To Know When Buying a Multideck Chiller

multideck display fridge is the ideal way to boost your impulse sales of all your chilled products. Essentially a commercial chiller without a door these units are invaluable in busy retail areas, such as farm shops, convenience stores, supermarkets of coffee shops, allowing your customers to reach in and serve themselves.

Corr Chilled supply a quality range of multideck chillers for a host of different applications. Here we’ll take you through the different types available in our range, mention some beneficial features and give you some things to consider before placing an order.

Multideck Types

The multidecks section of the website is broken down into seven categories based on cabinet size, function and application. These are General Purpose and Dairy, Fresh Meat, Fruit and Vegetable, Low Height, Slimline, Shutter and Remote Refrigeration. Here is each type in some more detail.

General Purpose

Ideal for a range of products from salads, sandwiches, deli, beverages, alcohol and dairy. A wide choice of options and sizes are available such as the Framec Sunny and Mondial Elite Jolly that make up the most popular sellers.

Fresh Meat

As the name suggests these multidecks are designed for the retail of packaged fresh meat making them perfect for butchers shops, supermarkets and farm shops. In terms of design they have the same features as their general purpose equivalent but have a temperature range of between -2°C/+4°C making them able to store and display fresh meat safely.

Fruit and Vegetable

Similar to the fresh meat multideck these display fridges are designed specifically to retail fruit and vegetables. These cabinets have baskets in place of shelves and the traditional angled mirror at the top of the cabinet to improve product visibility and enhance the display. The temperature is also designed to preserve fresh produce at +2°C/+7°C. More of a niche product, the Frilixa Marao range are a best seller in this category.

Low Height

These smaller open deck chillers are ideal for coffee shops, cafes or small shops or for end-of-aisle use in supermarkets. Typically standing to around 1.4m in height the units are not as imposing as a full height unit and are ideal for dedicated products sales.


Available with many of the features in the other ranges but with a shallow footprint, typically around a depth of 600mm. The Mondial Elite Slim range stands to just 580mm deep. This makes these cabinets great for cafes, coffee shops and delis where large cabinet volume is not essential and large amounts of storage is not required behind the display area.


Fitted with a lockable roller shutter, these cabinets are the perfect solution for school canteens, petrol forecourts and motorway service stations where extra security is needed outside of service hours.


This refers to the multideck motor being placed on the outside of the building. This has the advantage of expelling the noise and heat of the refrigeration unit away from the customer service area. Ideal for larger scale operations, these units can be joined together to form any length of display run. Ideal for convenience stores, off licences and supermarkets.

Things to Check Pre-Delivery

Once you’ve chosen the best multideck for you, the next consideration is where the unit will go. It sounds simple but there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure the unit runs to its optimum.

Your Premises

These units can quite often be large and heavy but also fragile with breakable fixed sections such glass panels. Delivery cannot be performed by tilting or lying the cabinet down to go through doorways. Check both the height and width of your doorway with the dimensions of your intended cabinet. If you are unsure contact the sales office who will be able to help with sizes on 0161 442 9174.


This goes for most commercial refrigeration but particularly for Multidecks. Make sure the unit is placed on a clear and level floor. Uneven flooring even by a few millimetres can mean the condensate water cannot drain and may leave you with water appearing at the bottom of the unit.

Room Temperatures

Unless the unit has remote refrigeration all multideck chillers have a maximum ambient working temperature of 25°C. If room temperature rises above this, the cabinet has to work harder and you may see temperatures inside the cabinet rise. Ensure that any cabinet exposed to these higher temperatures has good ventilation. This is especially important at night where quite often doors and windows are closed allowing temperature to rise. Allowing airflow around the cabinet at the sides and back is also important so factor in a gap of at least 50-60mm at the back and sides to allow air to flow around the cabinet.

Other Airflows

As much as providing good ventilation for a unit is important, other sources of air can have a negative effect on the fridge’s performance. The cabinet relies on an air curtain running across the front of the display to keep the internal space chilled. Placing the unit near draughts such as an open shop door or directly under an air conditioning unit may ‘blow out’ this air curtain causing temperatures inside to be affected so ensure the unit is placed away from any other airflow.

Electrical Supplies

If you are opting for a larger sized cabinet (typically two metres and above) check the electrical supply as some may need a hardwired electrical connection. Check you have space on your mains board and ensure a qualified electrician is used to install the unit.

Other Features

Here are some other features to look out for which can improve your product display and help you get more out of the cabinet. Ticket strips, not a standard on every model but great for displaying product pricing. Shelf risers are invaluable for angled shelving to keep products on the shelves. Although the shelves may tilt, risers do not come as standard with every model. If moving your cabinet is a requirement, even just for cleaning, then castors are a must. Check the spec as they are not typically offered as standard. The Mondial Elite Jolly SL10 however is supplied with castors fitted.

Glass end panels are great for improving the product display and help to break-up the square lines of the cabinet.

For the full range of multidecks available, visit the Multidecks page on the website. We also have further information on product usage and maintenance available in the resources section on each product page.

For any questions on specific products not answered online please contact the sales team on 0161 442 9174.

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