What To Look For When Buying Your Next Salad Bar or Buffet Bar

What To Look For When Buying Your Next Salad Bar or Buffet Bar

Commercial salad bars and buffet bars are essential equipment for hotels, restaurants and cafes looking to allow their customers to serve themselves effectively.

Here we are going to look at some of the main product types and how they are used to help you make the best choice when making your next purchase.

Food Display Bars

For use on top of an existing counter these units accept standard sized gastronorm pans which can be filled and replaced easily. Both sides of the display are open to allow both customer and staff to gain access. The Lincat FDB5-SSG5 is a popular choice.

Saladette Counters

Available in a range of sizes these counters are similar to the standard kitchen refrigerated counter but with the additional gastronorm pan area on top of the unit, allowing staff to serve from the unit whether for pre-prepared products or to serve customers. These units have refrigerated under storage and prep top space which makes them ideal for kitchen use. The Inomak ZN99 two door saladette counter is a good example of all these features.

Buffet Display

Buffet displays are versatile front of house units usually available in assisted service or self-service which can include island displays such as the Blizzard GB4 cold buffet display. Often available in matching heated and chilled versions these displays have a gastronorm pan area on top and under storage such as the Igloo gastroline GLC-1000.

Counterline Products

If you are looking to customise your food service display then a bespoke Counterline counter has a range of solutions. These units are made to order but on a short lead time with a choice of drop-in wells, and canopy styles. The wells can be chilled, heated or ambient, open or closed fronted or even tiered display. The well can be dropped into a counter design or fitted into a rolling base unit for mobile use. Visit the Counterline page for more information.

For more information on any of the products discussed here visit the Salad and Buffet Bar page on the website or call the sales team on 0161 442 9174.

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