Top 5 customer habits that waiting staff can't stand!

Top 5 customer habits that waiting staff can't stand!

We can all be guilty of these things from time to time, but maybe we don't even realise. Here we have listed the Top 5 annoying habits done by customers that can really grate on the waiting staff. Check them out and let us know if you're a culprit, or if you're waiting staff and have experienced something that hasn't made it on the list! 

Snapping fingers to get attention

This is just completely unnecessary. Even if your waiter/waitress is taking a little longer that usual to get to your table, they will not appreciate snapping fingers to get their attention! Chances are, your server will be aware you are waiting, but is just trying to make his/her way around the room, as each custoemr is just as important as the next. If is has been a while since you have been seen and are in need of something, just try to get a bit of eye contact, or catch him/her as they are walking past your table, to ensure you are seen to as soon as possible. 

Kids running around the restuarant

Waiters/waitresses are not babysitters! They already have a job to concentrate on, and it can be very tricky to carry hot food and drinks, whilst children are running around. The last thing anyone wants is a burning spillage! Why not ask the staff on entry if they have any colouring/entertainment pages for youngsters? This is sure to keep them busy for a while! 


Stacking plates incorrectly

Although you are trying to be helpful, it's not! Staff are trained how to carry a number of plates in a safe and efficient way, and if stacked incorectly, this can make the job unnecessarly difficult! Just leave it to the pros! 


Not tipping

Although it's not compulsary to tip in the UK, it is just general etiquette when having a sit down meal. If you've enjoyed your meal and general experience, then show the team they have done a good job! 

Turning up with a large number of people without calling in advance...

...and then complaining about waiting time. Chances are if you are going out to eat, so are many other people! It's always worth calling before you go to book/ensure there is enough space for your party. If you turn up to a busy restaurant (espeically a large number of people) and haven't called in advance, don't be suprised if you need to wait for a table. Don't take it out on the waiting staff, it is not their fault. They will seat you as quickly as possible, but also need to work around other people that have booked in advance.  



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