Tips For Buying Your Next Fridge Counter

Tips For Buying Your Next Fridge Counter

Here at Corr Chilled we have a number of different types of units we class as a fridge counter. Generally these are chilled or frozen units that can be used for food preparation and storage. This covers standard fridge and freezer counters, compact counters, pizza preparation counters and counter top prep units. Here is some more detail on each category.

Fridge Counters

A commercial kitchen necessity, these counters are designed for combined storage and preparation use. With a stainless steel work surface on top and storage compartments underneath these counters allow staff to prepare food at the point of storage, cutting down on movement and travel time in the kitchen and maximising the space the cabinet occupies. For that reason these units are a must for busy restaurants and canteen kitchens. Usually available in two, three and four door versions with a side-mounted refrigeration block next to the storage area creating extra prep surface above. Popular choices include the Blizzard HBC3 three door counter and the Genfrost 3100H triple door counter.

Freezer Counters

These counters are very similar to the fridge counters above but designed for frozen food storage.

Compact Counters

As the name suggests these counters are smaller in size and designed for small kitchens. The refrigeration is mounted under the storage area rather than to the side allowing the cabinet to take up less space. This does limit the capacity of these types of unit to only two and three door options such as the Tefcold SA910 two door compact counter, but they are ideal for cafes, pub kitchens and coffee shops or any smaller outlet.

Pizza Prep Counters

Ideal for the easy preparation of pizzas, salads, sandwiches and chilled desserts. Along with the standard refrigerated storage area and prep surface these units have gastronorm pans incorporated into the design to hold toppings and fillings for easy access. Dependent on the size of the counter these pans can be sunk into the prep top itself such as the Blizzard BCC3PREPGRANITE model, in a raised collar with lid as in the Interlevin ESS1365G or a separate prep top unit with its own power supply such as the Genfrost GPZ3600, designed for large busy pizzas parlours.

Refrigerated Prep Tops

A stand-alone counter top mounted unit to hold gastronorm pans for toppings and fillings. These units can be used on an existing counter or wall mounted. Available with hinged lids or glass canopy surrounds. Look out for the different gastronorm pan configurations which can be altered dependent on what you require.


Features to look out for which may be of use are upstands or splashbacks to the back of the counters, glass doors (ideal for front of house operation), and castors to aid in the movement of counters for easy cleaning. Drawers are also available instead of a door section. This can allow for different food types to be stored separately and can cut down on energy consumption by only opening the drawer you need rather than a full door. Cabinet temperatures suitable for fresh meat storage are also available, look for a temperature range that goes down between 0°C and -2°C.

For more information on the fridge counter range from Corr Chilled visit the fridge counter page on the website or call the sales team on 0161 442 9174.

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