6 gadgets you could really do with this summer

6 gadgets you could really do with this summer

With summer just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of the gadgets that you should invest in this year. We’ve put together some of our favourite technologies that will make your home more efficient, more modern and more fun. Enjoy!


1.Google Home/Amazon Echo


You’re far too busy to be worrying about turning off the lights, ordering takeaway or turning up the music, so invest in a smart home speaker to make your life easier. Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the biggest home hubs, offering an array of benefits including music, reminders and shopping – and you can pair your device to other smart technologies to turn up your thermostat, close the curtains and lock the doors. Futuristic, huh!?


2.Massage cushion


If you've got time off of work this summer, then you're probably going to want to sit and relax. With a mini massage cushion, you can enjoy a relaxing massage from the comfort of your bedroom, living room or your garden – and you don't need to nag your loved ones to do it for you. These cushions come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes, and are a must-have this summer if you're in need of some tender loving care.


3.Slushie makers


Having a frozen slush on a hot summer's day just can't be beaten, and with a slushie maker, you can have one from the comfort of your home. If you want to take it a step further and make slushies for your friends and family, perhaps with some added alcohol to get the party started, then we recommend checking out our range of ice crushers. Not only do they save you time, but they mean you can offer homemade slushies in your bar or restaurant, too.


4.Portable air conditioning units


If your home is getting too warm during the summer months, then invest in a portable air conditioning unit that you can take from room to room when you’re doing chores. Not only are these units more cooling than fans, but they can be environmentally friendly, too.


5.Frozen dessert maker


Summer is the time for relaxing and eating one too many bowls of ice cream. With a frozen dessert maker, however, you don’t have to feel guilty. Gadgets like the Yoanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker will turn your favourite fruits – like bananas and strawberries – into deliciously frozen mush, all without the fat, sugar and preservatives that are found in ice cream and frozen yoghurt!

6.Waterproof speaker


Whether you have a pool in your home or you’re travelling to the beach, a truly waterproof Bluetooth speaker is one of the best ways of enjoying fun in the sun. Take your tunes with you wherever you go with a floating waterproof speaker, perfect for the whole family.


There you have it – six great gadgets that can transform your life during the summer months. Give your commercial establishment some loving, too, by visiting the commercial refrigeration section of our website. It’s packed with thousands of components that you can use to make your bar, kitchen or restaurant more efficient and more enjoyable.

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