Taking Care Of Your Bottle Cooler

Taking Care Of Your Bottle Cooler

A bottle cooler is the main focus for any pub, bar or restaurant, but they can often be over looked when it comes to day to day maintenance, meaning they might not be working to their full capability. Below are some simple yet effective tips on how to make sure your bottle cooler has a long and happy life! 

Regular Dust Checks

A common problem with the breakdown of bottle coolers is due to a build up of dust, mainly the condenser, which causes a blockage in the air flow. Keeping your bottle cooler dust free will mean your bottle cooler will last longer and chill faster. This can be simply done with a duster or hoover, just be sure this is done carefully so no parts are bent or damaged.


When in a busy environment, it's easy to slam the doors of your bottle cooler, this should be avoided as much as possible! Slamming doors, whether hinged or sliding, can cause unnecessary damage. Doors should be kept shut whenever possible. The door seals on bottle coolers should also be checked regularly for any tears or damage as broken door seals make the bottle cooler work much harder. Door seals can often be bought and relatively easily replaced if needed. 


A simple but effective part of your back bar. Without lighting it's likely that your products won't be showcased as well as they could be. Your user manual should tell you how and where to replace any lighting. 

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