Renovating Your Cafe

Renovating Your Cafe

Cafés are a staple in the UK high street. Weather it is meeting up with friends or going for a quick bite to eat, the café Is always there. But when it comes to setting up a café or renovating an existing shop it is hard to know where to begin.

But have no fear as the CorrChilled Café list is a comprehensive look at what you will need to get to help start off your café renovation.


Choose your layout

The layout of the café is very important. You don’t want to make it too crowded that in busier times people aren’t able to get in and out, however you don’t want it to be too spacious that customers aren’t able to stay. It is all dependant on the space you have available.


The display

Your display is maybe the most important part of your café. A good display will be more appetising to your customers, where as an older dingier display means people may decide to go elsewhere. The Bellini range of serve over counters and tables may be just what you need. A white finish gives your café a nice white and clean finish as well as displaying your products.



Fridges is another important part of your café. With both bottle coolers and display fridges needed you will need to choose a top reliable brand. Display fridges allow your customers to pick up impulse drinks and snacks. Whereas bottle coolers allow you to keep items refrigerated behind your counters but still let your customers see its contents. The Kool range of fridges offers both at a reasonable price and the items can be branded to your shops logos.


Food and drink

Now your café is ready to go you need something to sell. Food and drink are the main part of a café, so nailing this means customers will return day after day.

Big and fancy coffee machines are no longer just for the high street giants. A professional coffee machine can be as cheap as £900. And with many companies also offering lease to buy options, you are bound to find the right coffee machine for you.

Menus don’t need to have thousands of different options, cafes work best when they stick to the basics. 

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