Our Favourite Cocktails: Top 5

Our Favourite Cocktails: Top 5

The Cocktail Culture is currently booming, but with so many to choose from, how do you decide which to go for? Here we've put together a list of our top 5, with simple ingredients to give them a go yourselves! 

1. Pornstar Martini

  • Simply put 1 tbsp of sugar, 50ml of vanilla vodka, 25ml of passionfruit liqueur and passionfruit puree into a shaker. Shake well! 
  • Swill some ice in the glass for an extra chill.
  • Pour the mixture into the martini glass - decorate with passionfruit sliced in half.
  • Prepare small shot glass and fill with champagne/prosecco 

2. Amaretto Sour

  • Add crushed ice into a short glass
  • Mix 50ml Amaretto Liqueur, 25ml of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup. 
  • Depending on your prefered taste, add shaken egg white.  
  • Pour into glass and garnish with a twist of lemon. 

3. Gimlet

  • Pour 60ml of Gin, 15ml of lime juice and 10ml of sugar syrup into a mixer.
  • Prepare a tumbler by filling half way with ice. 
  • Pour the mixture into the glass and garnish with lime zest. 

4. Bloody Mary

  • Put a few cubes of ice into tall glass, and add 50ml of vodka
  • Add 150ml of tomato juice
  • Add worchestershire sauce and/or tabaso tabaso sauce to taste. Usually 3-6 drops. 
  • Add the finishing touch with celery stick. 

5. Classic Margarita

  • Possibly the most simple of all, no blender needed! Simply add 35ml of tequila, 20ml of cointreau and 35ml of fresh lime juice to an iced glass and give it a good stir!
  • Add lime wedge to garnish. 

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