Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours

Summer is finally here, which means a massive increase in ice cream sales! But which ice cream flavour is the most popular? We've taken a look into this, check out our findings and see if you agree! We've created this list based on a number of surveys, and also thrown our own opinion into the mix as well! Don't forget, if you're looking to purchase a new Ice Cream Freezer for your store, we have a large range of options to choose from, check them out here


Often know as 'boring' but the classic Vanilla flavour cannot be over looked. The ice-cream choice for those who just want a cool down. 

Raspberry Ripple

This is just the ice cream for those who want a little more flavour than vanilla, again, not the most exciting of flavours, but we've found this flavour tends to be quite popular with the slightly older generation, do you agree? 

Rocky Road

Also known as, a combination of all things great! With chocolate, marshmellow and all things sweet in there, rocky road is definitely one of our firm favourites.

Mint Choc Chip

Possibly the most refreshing off all ice creams, we think a mint choc chip ice crea, is perfect for the times when an 'After Eight' just won't cut it. 


We're still looking for inspiration so if we've missed your favourite off the list - let us know why you think it should be added and we'll get this on! 

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