Meet The Corr Chilled Team

Meet The Corr Chilled Team

When you order from Corr Chilled every member of our team has a role to play in getting your order out the door. From our Web team who keep the site running and updated to the sales team who confirm the order. Our warehouse and transport team then get the order out the door and on the road. But who are the people behind the company? Here is your guide to everyone who works for Corr Chilled and what they do! The team are much like deer. When a camera came out they were nowhere to be seen.



Web Team

The Web Team keep the website looking fresh. They make sure all new products are in place and everything is up to date. They also keep an eye on digital marketing and search engine rankings.



Paul Tibble

Paul – Web Developer

Paul is the newest member of the Corr Chilled team. He ensures the site is running and looking it’s best. He has a background in Web Development and comes from a role in a digital agency working on sites for companies worldwide from London to Silicon Valley. In his spare time, he likes to watch his beloved Chelsea FC and see friends.






Warehouse Team

The warehouse team make sure the order gets out the door. They pick, pack and store the order ready for delivery and with hundreds of products stored it is by no means an easy job.


STAFF PROFILE – Transport Manager

When Nick isn’t moaning about Manchester United’s poor form he makes sure all the deliveries are out on the road. Once your order has been processed Nick and his team load the deliveries and send them off round the country. Nick has to keep an eye on all products going out to make sure they reach their destination as quickly as possible.




Sales Team

The sales team are the face of the company. They help sell the products and deal with any future enquiries. If you are in need of anything from Corr Chilled – Speak to them!




  Krista – Sales Executive

  Krista is a member of the sales team. She is always happy to chat over the phone or online chat and give her expert       opinion on all of the products we sell. Got a question or want to order something? Krista is the girl you need. In her spare time Krista enjoys going out with friends and going to the Gym. 

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