The Kitchen Of The Future

The Kitchen Of The Future

What the kitchen of the future could look like

Our homes are smarter than ever. With new technology entering the market seemingly every day, from smart energy meters to home entertainment systems, we're entering a world of exciting possibilities. One room in our home that will benefit from technology more than any other, however, is the kitchen. So, what will the kitchen of the future look like? Below, we've put together some of the possibilities.


An interactive wall of cooking and information

In 2015, Hotpoint unveiled its Interactive Kitchen of the Future – a smart interactive splash back and connected cooktop, which work in harmony and allow you to access both your favourite social networking channels and websites with meal planning, cookbooks and wine recommendations based on the dishes you rustle up. The interactive hub also features a scanner, which will enable you to scan items and read nutritional information, and you'll be able to access all of your kitchen's functions – like turning on the oven or switching off the lights – wherever you are from a dedicated iPad and iPhone app. Smart, huh!?


A modern pantry that decreases food wastage

A new, modern pantry will allow us to have a closer connection to our food by storing it in transparent containers on open shelves, instead of hiding our fresh fruits and vegetables at the back of the fridge. This design is futuristic, but it will allow us to see what we've got to hand rather than going out and buying more food than we'll need. The induction-cooling technology, which will be embedded in the modern pantry, responds on RFID stickers on food packaging and allows it to keep food containers at the right temperature, prolonging its life and reducing food wastage.


A futuristic waste disposal unit

Instead of scraping leftovers and vegetable peelings to the end of the kitchen counter and collecting them in your hands, you can now throw them into a disposal unit that's housed in your granite worktops. With an LED light and water flow, you can throw food scraps down the drain and automatically activate a garbage disposer at the same time. This concept is available now, but it will set you back thousands of dollars if you want one in your home.


How can you make your kitchen futuristic today?

Smart technology is changing the way we live – and with products such as Amazon Dash and Google Home entering the marketplace, we’ll soon be seeing futuristic kitchens everywhere.

Which of these futuristic kitchen gadgets is most appealing to you? Let us know on social media, or get in touch with a member of the Corr Chilled team if you’d like to find out about some of our modern refrigeration accessories to make the most out of your kitchen.

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