Ice Machines, What’s the difference?

Ice Machines, What’s the difference?


Here at corr chilled we sell over 30 different ice machines. Most of which do different things, but what is the difference between the machines and how do you know which is best for your business?


Ice Machines

An ice machine quite simply makes ice. From small machines which produce 10kg of ice every 24 hours to larger industrial sized machines which can produce up to 320kg per 24 hours.

Different ice machines also have different ways of usage. Smaller countertop machines can be filled with water which will then need refilling frequently whereas larger standalone machines will need plumbing in but will then need no interference as it takes water from the mains to make the ice.

It is important to know which machine to use. A pub may only need a counter top machine whereas a busy cinema, theatre or bar may need a larger machine that is plumbed in.


Our choice:

Low budget: - for £159.00 this counter top machine will be perfect for any pub or bar.


Medium budget: - This machine will make 25kg of ice in a 24 hour period. This item costs £670.00


High budget: - for £2938.00 this unit is perfect for cinemas as it creates 215kg of ice in a 24 hour period.


Ice Crusher

An ice crusher will crush down ice into smaller shards. Perfect for cocktails and fish counters, you load the ice crusher with ice and let it do its business. From 13.6kg per hour to 180kg there is an ice crusher suitable for all business needs.


Our choice:

Low budget: – This waring ice crusher will crush up to 13.6kg of ice an hour. This unit costs £159.95


Medium budget: - costing only £449.00, this light weight ice crusher can crush up to 30kg of ice per hour.


High budget: - crushing up to 180kg of ice an hour this unit is perfect for supermarket fish counters and cocktail bars – available for £580.00


Ice Flaker

Ice flakers will flake ice down, perfect for storing food and displaying food items. The ice flakers can flake up to 185kg of ice in a 24 hour period, perfect for supermarket and fish displays.


Our choices:

Medium budget: -  at £1650.00, the Simag ice flaker can flake up to 70kg of ice In a 24 hour period.


High budget: – the Simag SPR165 can flake up to 185kg of ice in a 24 hour period. This unit costs: £2319.00 

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