The gadgets that will make your commercial kitchen run smoother

The gadgets that will make your commercial kitchen run smoother

Whether you are stocking up on appliances for a restaurant you are about to open or replenishing the equipment for one you already run, you need to tread carefully. Gadgets made for use in commercial kitchens can differ significantly from those intended for households. There is largely because the latter equipment generally doesn't need to be as durable and high quality. Here are some particular items that you should look out for when trying to supply a commercial kitchen.

Stainless steel items

You may have noticed that a lot of food service equipment - including soup kettles from our own equipment stock - largely comprises stainless steel. Indeed, remarks about how common this material is in commercial kitchens; the site goes on to point out that, due to this material's ability to withstand hot temperatures, it is suitably durable for use in a kitchen. Stainless steel also has the benefits of being easily cleanable and, on the surface, non-porous.

Naturally, then, if you have already long been running a commercial kitchen, it is very likely to have an abundance of stainless steel tools already. However, you shouldn't resist investing in more. After all, this kitchen is going to be much more active throughout the day than your kitchen back home; therefore, you don't want to have to keep spending money replacing items because they lack the resilience of stainless steel. To modify a well-known phrase: if you can't stand the heat, get the gadgets that aren't stainless steel out of the kitchen.

Drink dispensers

If you want to regularly serve drinks in your restaurant, then you can obviously benefit from a dispensing machine that will produce that drink quickly but in a way that ensures a high-quality flavour. Therefore, your customers can enjoy the best of both worlds! A dispensing system is also recommended by Entrepreneur, which advises that you could lease, rather than buy, the equipment to ensure that it can be easily upgraded as demand calls for this.

Here at Corr Chilled, we allow our products to be leased. On a product listing page on our website, head to where 'Leased to Buy Price' appears and then click the 'Lease to buy calculator' link. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to see what the month-by-month payments would be if you chose to lease, rather than outright purchase, the product.

Ice machine

This, too, can be acquired from our company. Of course, you could make ice cubes simply by filling in moulds and leaving the water to freeze. However, those cubes can be made in high quantities much more speedily when an ice machine is used. Such a machine works by cooling water and continuously pouring it into copper grids. A commercial ice machine capable of producing hundreds of pounds of ice each day can satisfy the needs of a small restaurant daily serving a few hundred people. Still, when supplying your kitchen, don't forget the less technical essentials such as commercial dishware, which exceeds cut-price household dishware in durability.

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