Double or single door bottle coolers: which one is best for you?

Double or single door bottle coolers: which one is best for you?

We are proud to stock a large range of bottle coolers here at Corr Chilled. That can make it easier for you to find the refrigerator that meets your company's specific requirements. However, discerning what precise features would meet those requirements does not always come easily. Therefore, you could still be left rather indecisive about whether to choose double or single door bottle coolers.

Is bigger always better?

You might be tempted to simply invest in the largest and most spacious bottle cooler that you can practically afford. After all, it'd be better to have too much, rather than too little, space for all of those bottles... right? We can't disagree with that exact sentiment, but one problem with simply going straight for the bigger option is that the financial outlay can be much greater.

Initially, that might seem like an obvious observation to make; however, it's not just the initial upfront cost, but also the maintenance expenses, that you need to take account of. Powering that larger cooler can land you a heftier energy bill; thus, resist spending on additional space that would just be left unused but, at the same time, you would still be paying for on an ongoing basis.

Consider where the cooler will be placed

You might find that, even if you can afford it, getting a bigger cooler isn't a practical option anyway - because you wouldn't have enough physical room for it. CNET advises that you "be sure to measure to see how much width, height, and depth you've got to work with before you start shopping around." Frankly, certain spaces - like back rooms - are just better-suited to smaller coolers.

For how long would you like the drinks preserved?

If you have so many drinks that a single door cooler just wouldn't provide sufficient space for all of them, this is a good reason to focus on perusing our stock of double door bottle coolers. However, another plus point - which could have easily eluded your notice - of these coolers is that better technology can be packed into a larger vessel.

My East Tn Home explains that, as many items can be kept in a double door cooler, it is vital for the refrigerating effect to leave none of those items untouched. Hence, these bigger coolers utilise improved cooling technologies - to the extent that a double door cooler can keep beverages preserved for nearly twice as long as a single door alternative.

Returning to the vital question...

So, which type of cooler - single door or double door - actually would be best for you? You are in the best position to answer that question - at least once you have educated yourself on differences between those two kinds of cooler.

It's also worth remembering that bottle coolers can differ even further, for reasons less related to how many doors they have. This underlines how crucial it is that you read the product descriptions for various bottle coolers here on the Corr Chilled website.

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