Don't Let Dry January Effect Your Pub Sales!

Don't Let Dry January Effect Your Pub Sales!

December is without doubt the busiest month for most catering companies, but now that the rush is over, dry January is upon us. 
This often can cause concern with bar/pub owners, but your sales shouldn't have to suffer! Let us help you. Here's a couple of ideas to help maximise your sales this month. 


Special Offers

A lot of people will be looking to save every penny after over spending in December, but that doesn't mean they can't be tempted by a irresistible offer! Just because your customer might not be drinking alcohol, that doesn't mean they won't be drinking at all. Why not offer a 2 4 1 on hot drinks? Perfect for the cold weather! 

Live Music Nights

Perfect for early doors on a Friday night. After a long hard first (or second) week back at work, coming to your local pub and being greeted by a welcoming acoustic singer. 

Quiz Nights

With a sober head, this could be much more appealing! Everybody loves an old fashioned pub quiz. And a little cash bonus for the winner is sure to get the attendance rate up! 

Food Offers

Every foodie loves a good deal off! Who wouldn't?! Extra food for less money! This is a great way to boost sales by offering money off. You could do this for your quieter hours/days to help push those who aren't quite sure, to can't do without! 

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