Choosing Your Next Patisserie Display Counter

Choosing Your Next Patisserie Display Counter

The patisserie display cabinet is the ideal unit to showcase your cakes, deli, bakery and confectionery. Here’s a few pointers to help you make the right choice for your next purchase.

Styles of Patisserie Display

There are two main types of unit on offer both with useful features to help you and your staff operate more effectively.

Serve Over

These unit are very similar to the standard serve over counters in many sandwich shops, delis or butchers with glass front and back service shelf but with a few unique features that make retailing cakes and patisserie easier for staff. To maximise the display area in the counter extra shelving is added. In some models this can be up to three additional shelves, for example the Igloo Beta and Frilixa Tejo models which feature one refrigerated shelf above the deck and two ambient shelves above this for non-chilled products. One of the most practical features on this type of unit is the pull out deck. A feature on the Beta, Tejo and Blizzard Omega, the main display deck is a pull out drawer making it easy for staff to serve from the bottom deck without having to reach into the cabinet.


On show in most coffee shops and bakeries, the cabinet style of patisserie display is taller than the serve over style with a low front and typically four levels of display, three shelves and a base. Dependent on the model, units can have a fixed back for self-service, or more typically glass fronted with doors to the rear for staff access. Due to more levels of display these unit tend not to be available in widths bigger than 1.5m. Due to the increased height of around 1.4m this may mean that service over the unit from behind may not be practical, so additional service or till counter space may need to be factored into your design.


Although many of the patisseries on the Corr Chilled website are for chilled use, in many cases these units have matching heated, ambient and humidity controlled units such as the Norpe Aida range. These allow you to extend your offer to customers while keeping the same look and performance of your equipment. Here is a brief rundown of what is available:

  • Chilled - A temperature range from around +0°C/+15°C for chilled cakes, patisserie and pastries.
  • Heated - A temperature range of +30°C/+90°C degrees to hold hot pies, pasties, rolls and pizza portions ready for service.
  • Ambient - Ideal for any items that can be displayed at room temperature such as fruit, crisps or snacks.
  • Humidity Controlled - Specifically for the display of chocolate these cabinets have a holding temperature of +14°C/+16°C and add moisture to the air in the right quantities to keep delicate chocolate and confectionary at its optimum.


Dependent on the look you want to achieve, whether this is a traditional or contemporary design, there is a counter to suit your brief.


If you are looking to create a more traditional feel to your display then a curved glass wood finished cabinet can help you achieve this. Popular choices are the Igloo Jamaica pastry case and Trimco Zurich range. For a traditional serve-over style the Mafirol Safira confectionery display comes in a wood veneer exterior.


Straight glass and coloured finishes have been a recent trend and if you are looking to create a more stylish and contemporary design the straight glass Igloo Gastroline and Interlevin EVOK match this look. Black finish cabinets have also seen a growth in popularity such as the Frilixa Maxime serve over and cabinet style Interlevin Evo, both can be found in this colour. Clean lines and crisp finishes can also be found on the ISA millennium range, another straight glass design.

For more information on the Corr Chilled range of Patisserie display counters and cabinets visit the page on the website or call the sales office on 0161 442 9174

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