Choosing the Best Chest Freezer For You

Choosing the Best Chest Freezer For You

We've had a few orders for Chest Freezers recently so we decided to put together a simple guide on choosing the right one for you. A freezer is an important part of a business, whether this be front or back of house. If you have decided on a chest freezer, this is more than likely going to be used for mass storage back of house, as these are ideal for freezing food in bulk. 

Chest Freezers can take up a lot of space in the kitchen so measuring the available space is a good place to start! Once you know your dimensions, you're half way there! You can now start to match the required dimensions with the capacity of freezer you need. On our website, the capacity ranges from 110 to around 370 ltrs. Think about what it is you're storing, and how much space you will need to do this, for example, a small local cafe won't require the same unit as a busy city centre restuarant. 

The general temperature range in Chest Freezers is -18°C/-24°C, unless you require a low temperature freezer, which will be from -25°C/-45°C. Decide what your freezer will be used for and check what temperature you need before purchasing! The last thing you want to have to do is swap your unit out once it has arrived! 

Many of our freezers incude special features such as interior lighting, lockable lids and hanging baskets. When choosing your freezer be sure to check out the full list of product features that will be listed below. For any more questions or information, our sales team are always on hand and happy to help!

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