How to plan a successful engagement party

How to plan a successful engagement party

If you're about to get hitched, then firstly, congratulations! However, with the wedding itself possibly still in the early planning stages, you could generate much excitement in the meantime with an engagement party. The expected elements of such a party are not as clear-cut as they used to be, however; so, here are a few pointers for planning an engagement party that will work well in 2017.

Who should you invite?

Traditionally, an engagement party has tended to involve strictly the couple and people close to them. However, Hello! has pointed out the recent trend of also inviting people who either wouldn't typically feature at the wedding itself or simply can't travel the necessary distance to attend it.

So, you might want to invite not only your parents and in-laws but also relatively new friends and work colleagues. However, who is invited can depend on how formal the party is. More traditional parties, for instance, should adhere to more traditional rules. Also, one rule of thumb to keep in mind is that guests invited to such parties should also receive invites to the wedding.

Get the timing right

Whichever of the two of you made the proposal of marriage probably knew a thing or two about good timing. So, it's time to draw upon that knowledge as you ponder when the engagement party should happen. Ideally, that celebration will occur shortly following the proposal and the initial rush of excitement that this brought.

However, you should still notify the intended guests roughly a month in advance, while the date of the party itself ought to be approximately nine to eleven months ahead of the wedding. Planning that wedding will, after all, probably be stressful - and you wouldn't want that stress hanging over you at the engagement party, which is supposed to be a blissful occasion.

Determine a sensible budget

This is a wise move whether the event will be large-scale or low-key. The Knot explains that, with a specific figure for a budget, "you (or whoever's hosting) will want to have a sense of what's realistic to spend". Also, knowing this budget will "help you narrow down venue ideas and decide on the number of guests you can invite."

The wedding alone could seriously deplete your bank balance; so, it could be highly beneficial not to go overboard with the expenditure on just the engagement party.

Where should the party happen?

Many different venues can be adapted to suit the needs of an engagement party. If the bride's parents will be hosting it, then it could take place at their house, a traditional option. However, you might have already seen a restaurant, pub or bar where a suitable private room could be rented.

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