How to choose the best wine cooler for your business

How to choose the best wine cooler for your business

There could be many different wines that your company is interested in stocking - or is already offering. Whether it's pinot noir, zinfandel, or some other form of wine that you want to suitably maintain before serving, it's all possible when you use a wine cooler. However, with a wide range of wine coolers available, you can benefit from learning how to choose between them.

Don't be mistaken about what a wine cooler is

Before you embark on your search for a wine cooler, it might help for you to know precisely what a wine cooler is - and, for that matter, isn't. It is basically a refrigeration appliance that has been specially designed for keeping wine at the appropriate temperature before it is served.

So, why use a wine cooler instead of a standard refrigerator? It's because, as Digital Trends makes clear, there's a chemical process that is active in wine and can be affected by a temperature that is either too hot or too cold. Hence, white wine, for instance, can become dull in flavour if it excessively cools - while Which? cautions that overly warm red wine can result in a taste that feels overpowered by the alcohol content.

Often, about 13°C is deemed the best temperature at which to maintain either red or white wine. However, a conventional fridge in which food is stored should have a temperature lower than 4°C; therefore, keeping bottles of wine in there for particularly long would not be advisable.

How can wine coolers differ in features?

Different wine coolers can vary in how many temperature zones they enable for use. If your business is intent on keeping strictly one kind of wine - like only reds or only whites - then you could opt for a single-zone cooler. Alternatively, if both reds and whites will be stocked, then a cooler with at least two temperature zones will be necessary. The wine coolers available include triple-zone models.

Other features worth looking out for in coolers include UV-resistant glass doors, the protective glass of which can assist in limiting damage that UV rays inflict on the wine. Of course, you might be able to avert such rays even reaching your wine if you install the appliance somewhere out of direct sunlight's path; however, if this isn't possible, then doors of this kind will be a must.

Also, before buying a particular cooler, check that it has humidity controls capable of preventing any of the bottles' corks drying out. Should any indeed dry out, air could enter the bottle and wreck the wine. These controls should permit you to manage the moisture level in the air that the wine cooler contains; in this way, you can assist in ensuring the cork's integrity.

These features and many more - including touch controls, a charcoal air filter, and an anti-vibration system - can be thoroughly worthwhile in wine coolers and wine fridges bought from us at Corr Chilled. We warmly invite you to look closely at our selection.

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