Great Kitchen Design Tips to Easily Accommodate Visitors

Great Kitchen Design Tips to Easily Accommodate Visitors

Home is where the heart is, as we’ve always known. Over the years, however, we’ve learned something more; the kitchen is the heart of the home.

With the proliferation of ‘foodie’ programming, cross-cultural cookbooks and the growing preference for staying in, people are finding themselves with more knowledge, time and money to prepare and enjoy exciting, health-centric meals with their friends and family.

Indeed, the home seems to be becoming the social hub of choice, with 72% of 18-24 year-olds preferring to stay in rather than go out, according to the Express. With this demographic to cater for, a budding host should consider introducing fresh elements to their kitchen; bar fridges, floating shelves, and countertop utensil canisters are simple additions that are useful for creating a minimalist yet communal atmosphere. You don’t need a large budget to make effective changes. 

Here at Corr Chilled, we understand how important it is to have a kitchen in which everyone feels at home. To ensure the best possible kitchen design for your guests and yourself, we have compiled a list of three key tips.

Invest in a Bar Fridge

The bar fridge is seen by many as a modern kitchen staple. With a variety of colours, shapes, and styles to choose from, the bar fridge helps you to recreate a pub or club vibe in your own kitchen and allows guests to take their cold drink of choice without having to ask.

When buying a bar fridge, there are a few factors to take into consideration, such as size, capacity, and noise level. At Corr Chilled you will find a range of bar fridges from single-door, double-door and triple-door bottle coolers, to stainless steel back bar counters and more.

Choose the Best Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the kitchen experience; the perfect lighting will complement your layout and colour scheme, and allow you to create the right atmosphere for every occasion.

A recent study by kitchen appliance manufacturer Britannia Living, as mentioned in House Beautiful’s 2017 feature on kitchen trends, claimed 52% of people rated their kitchen as their most valuable room. It would only be natural, therefore, to showcase your efforts in the most appropriate lighting. Fitting dimmer switches to your lights will give you maximum control so that you can adjust the brightness of any section of the room as you see fit. Ambient overhead lighting positioned above the dining table can add softness and warmth, while accent lighting can highlight the features of the kitchen that are most pleasing to the eye – cooking alcoves, bar fridges, and cabinets, for example.

Having the right combination of lighting styles will flatter your guests; an array of lighting moods will encourage mingling while also drawing attention to your kitchen’s updated look.

Consider Trendy Storage Solutions

‘Clutter-free’ is the mantra of modern kitchen design, and it is advisable to look into high-quality storage if you wish to achieve a minimalist look that your guests will love.  To ensure the success of any social gathering, safety and functionality are crucial.

Today, designers prefer to hide kitchen appliances, such as kettles, blenders, and microwave ovens within larders, deep drawers, and other intelligent storage spaces. Here, the principle of the bar fridge is worth following; the best storage solution for your kitchen is one that displays its most appealing contents in an ordered, easy-to-access fashion.

Your storage devices should fit seamlessly into the style of your kitchen; each unit should be lean and slick, maintaining the excellent first impression made by your clean surfaces.

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