8 ways to increase your pubs presence

8 ways to increase your pubs presence

Pubs are the local meeting point for friends and colleagues in the UK and as we head toward the summer every pub is going to see an increase in business due to school holidays and longer day light hours. But how do you ensure your increase in business stays? We have compiled a list of 8 ways to increase your pubs presence in the local area.

Quiz Night

A weekly quiz night is a great way to increase your pubs presence in the local area. With prizes from £25 to a free round the quiz pays for its self with the increase in revenue. Offering the winning team the chance to write the next weeks quiz is another great way of ensuring the punters return the next week. Why not take the pub quiz into the 21st century with a smart phone pub quiz. This speed quizzing allows teams to choose their own winners theme and eliminates cheating by putting teams against the clock.

Weekly Food Nights

The curry club is a well-known night in British pubs (such as Weatherspoons). But there is still a want for this in local pubs. Why not try a Pie night or steak night with specialised menus for that evening? Take it one step further and suggest accompanying wines, beers and lagers for the meal. This can be changed through sporting events to rival foods (such as Paella vs Pie for Spain vs England).

A Website

Creating a website for your pub will increase its online presence. By adding the menu, local spots of interest such as walks and local events. Take it one step further by signing up for social media pages to keep the locals interested. Here you can also advertise for free and get real time feedback. You can get great quality low-cost websites from digital agencies such as Panda Digital. Agencies tend to ensure your website is SEO ready as well, meaning your site will rank well on google for searches such as “Local pubs near me”.

Local Ales

Local ales are a great way to bring in more customers as well as helping the local economy. There are over 1700 local breweries in the UK. So, having ‘guest ales’ every week allows your customers to sample what the local area has to offer. If an ale sells particularly well then you can move it into a permanent spot. If you are a free house then there are no restrictions to what drinks you can offer. So, getting in touch with a local brewery could save you money in the long run if an agreement is made to use their drinks in the guest ale section.

Bottle Cooler

Bottle coolers are a no brainer. Used in almost every pub the bottle cooler keeps drinks cool and light up the area to catch the customers eye. Available in both  sliding and hinged a bottle cooler can work no matter how big your bar is. The CorrChilled Kool brand offers single, double and triple door bottle coolers in a variety of colours.

Outdoor Bar

A great British tradition in the summer is to head to the beer garden. So why not invest in a mini outdoor bar. This can increase sales of drink as the customer doesn’t have to venture far to get another drink. Doing drinks promotions for the summer can also increase sales (such as more fruity beers and pimms). Outdoor beer pumps are available online with a cabinet beneath for the keg.

Student Nights

In student towns a student night can be a very big money maker. Many pubs offer student nights for sports teams where the drinks are a bit cheaper and providing they come every week, offering a reserved table so they can all sit together. Student nights almost always include drinking games so by reducing the price slightly you may see a big increase in sales.

Live Music

Live music almost always brings in more customers. Whether it is a small acoustic set or a band, live music will bring in their fans as well as locals who want a bit of entertainment whilst they drink. It doesn’t have to be a live band. Local comedians, dance groups or DJs can also turn a pub into a lively night with the drinks flowing.

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