5 tips on throwing the best Halloween party

5 tips on throwing the best Halloween party

As autumn approaches so does everyone’s favourite holiday – Halloween. The darker, chillier nights provide an ideal backdrop for a spooky party, and whether you’re planning something strategically or throwing something together last minute, our list of tips should help you get started.


Choose a theme

The great thing about themed Halloween parties is that they give people a better idea of what to expect. You might want to go for a theme that gives people room for interpretation like “ghosts” or something more niche like “dead celebrities” but whatever you choose you should make sure that you stick to it because, after all, your whole party will be planned around it.


Decorate everything

When it comes to throwing a Halloween bash decoration is key. If you’ve decided to go for a theme, you’ll already be halfway there. Your party guests will appreciate the effort you have put into your decorations, especially if you give them a great first impression by decorating outside. There are plenty of decorative items in stores to suit any budget so you might just want to go for some cheap props like rubber snakes or something that will give a bigger scare like a motion sensor prop. Things like beer fridges can be decorated with fake cobwebs to set the scene and remember that lighting will help to set the mood too. 


Consider the snacks

A good host will provide food and drinks and Halloween gives you a chance to go crazy with what you dish up. If you’re pushed for time, find recipes that you can easily make and give them a ghoulish twist. Themed cupcakes and cookies can be whipped up quickly, and you can serve up drinks with some red food colouring to create a Dracula’s blood punch. Of course, you can always stick with what you find in the store, but you might want to consider catering to any of your guests who have dietary restrictions.


Hire some entertainment

It’s not unusual for a party to lull at some point so to combat this you might want to consider preparing, or even hiring some entertainment. For large parties, a live band or DJ is always a safe option, but for smaller groups, you could hire someone who is willing to conduct a séance or read Tarot cards.  If your budget won’t stretch to hiring someone, how about a game of Halloween charades, a costume contest, a horror movie trivia quiz or a game of the classic Truth or Dare?


Think about logistics

First, you should make sure your party is strictly invite-only so that it doesn’t get too out of control. Then you need to think about where you are throwing your party. If it’s at home, then you’ll need to think about certain logistics like where people will park, if fancy dress is mandatory (in our opinion, it should be) and whether or not you need to inform the neighbours. After all of your effort decorating, preparing food and setting up the entertainment you won’t want the party to fall through because of a simple logistical error. 

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