5 Tips To Make Your Pub Cosy This Winter

5 Tips To Make Your Pub Cosy This Winter

5 Tips to Make Your Pub Cosy this Winter


Lighting can make a huge differance to the ambience of a pub, bar or restaurant. If you are aiming for the cosy wintery feel then a dimmer light is definitely the way to go. Add a candle on each top to top this off.  


When customers come to the pub, they want to be comfortable. There's nothing worse than sitting on a solid seat when you want to lounge and relax. Consider soft seating, a nice comfy sofa would go down a treat for most people! 


Nothing beats a log fire on a Winters day or night. If you are lucky enough to have a real log fire in your pub or restaurant, this needs to be on daily to add that cosy winter feeling, especially if your pub is known for welcoming walkers, a nice log fire and beverage after a long walk would be a dream! 


If done correctly, music can add a perfect atmosphere to your pub, without customers even realising. Not too quite, but not too loud is key. Customers want to be able to talk without shouting at each other, but if there is a quiet moment at the table, a festive background tune, works a trea this time of year. 


Nothing beats coming into a warm pub, and tucking into a British Roast Dinner. Winter (especially December!) is the time to eat. If you don't already, adding a couple of winter classic foods to your menu, could go a long way! 

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