5 must-haves for your café business

5 must-haves for your café business

Good coffee seems crucial to modern British culture. In the UK, annual sales of cups of coffee near two billion, The Guardian has reported. There's also something undoubtedly quaint about the idea of running a coffee shop, which likely helps explain why so many people have chosen to do so. There are actually twice as many independent outlets as there exist branded ones, figures gathered by the London Coffee Festival have indicated. So, what would a café business of your own require?

The right location

The UK-targeted Startups website reports that two-thirds of consumers purchase coffee and alternative hot drinks "when out and about". Therefore, choosing a bustling urban area for your café might initially seem sensible; however, eye-watering prices could be attached to properties in such areas. A more rural or suburban location can be less expensive - and savings that you make on the location could be put into improving the experience for customers inside the café.

A pleasant, friendly image

Your customers can have a good first impression if, after walking into your outlet, they are soon greeted by informed and friendly baristas that reflect your company's wider brand. Our Bellini Range can help there;

Phil Ross, a worker at southwest London's The Roastery, enthused to The Guardian about the "amazing team of dedicated lovely staff" there. He added that customers come back to enjoy "a warm welcoming environment that you just want to hang out in".

Great-tasting coffee

An independent coffee shop can, with its independence alone, wield a powerful promotional weapon against the threat of big name competitors. Some coffee shop customers actually deliberately avoid large chains out of a belief that David can serve better coffee than Goliath.

However, it will be the actual quality of the coffee, not simply an indie image, that leads people to make a second visit to your café. Making delicious coffee in what time the hospitality sector has can be easier with the use of commercial coffee machines like those in our stock.

A round-the-clock mentality

Running a coffee shop isn't the kind of job where you can just put your feet up after having turned over a sign so that it reads "CLOSED" to passers-by. Working to bring new customers while keeping current ones can take up much of the time that you have outside the café building itself.

Ross comments: "It never stops, even when we are closed, there is something else that needs to be done. You need to love coffee, and love customers as they are your business."

Sound financial sense

Did you know that most coffee shops exceed their budget? That obviously isn't healthy for a business, especially a small one; so, decide a budget to prevent making the same blunder. From the first week, record how much money your business is spending and bringing in each week. You also need to have a concrete grip on such areas of financial maintenance as national insurance, VAT and rates. Yes, you might find them dull - but you need to pay attention to them immediately.

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