5 great gadgets you should invest in to make the most out of summer with your children

5 great gadgets you should invest in to make the most out of summer with your children

Summer is here, and that naturally means that you are likely eager to get out and about - and with your undoubtedly similarly enthusiastic children in tow. It is, therefore, an especially good time to check out the broad choice of child-friendly gadgets. That choice is, frankly, staggering - but, below, we have picked out many of those gadgets which we reckon could be especially easy for you and your little ones to appreciate. Some of them, you could even enjoy when working at an eatery.

Milk/juice dispenser

Of course, it's good practice for you to make sure that you and your children don't skimp on the fluid intake while those temperatures are warm. However, why should you all just stick to water? Summer is a time for fun - and that can extend to your drinks, too, when they are milk or juice drinks dispensed from a machine purchased from our stock here at Corr Chilled.

We offer a wide array of milk/juice dispensers for use in commercial environments. A cafe, bar, or restaurant at which you work could order one of these from our company. Then, installed at your workplace, it could be used by staff to create succulent drinks that your children buy when they visit. There are dispensers with multiple tanks allowing milk and juice to be simultaneously stored.

Ice cream freezer

Buying an ice cream seems practically as strongly associated with summertime as Santa is with Christmas. Furthermore, if your workplace is a restaurant, they could make buying ice cream even easier by putting in place one of the ice cream freezers available from our online store.

A wisely-chosen ice cream freezer could feature a large window through which various ice cream products can be seen. This could help your children, when they visit the restaurant, to see what ice creams are on offer. In fact, this freezer could easily draw their attention even if it isn't a 99 or a Solero that they originally visited for. This is a significant boon of ice cream freezers in general: their mere appearance and presence can powerfully draw attention, and so encourage more custom.

Apple Watch

The wearables market has flourished in recent years, as more and more people have noticed the benefits of strapping devices onto their wrists and using these devices to track their health and fitness. However, by investing in a smartwatch rather than a more basic fitness band, you can improve your health while also getting many other features that could inject even more fun into summer.

An especially good reason to be excited is that, as new smartwatch models have come out and led to price cuts in older models, getting a smartwatch has probably never been more affordable. So, while you could opt for the high-end Apple Watch Series 2, we are particularly fond of the Series 1 model, which - as Apple's website attests - has much of the same functionality at a lower £269 base price.

Amazon Fire 7 tablet

Tablets can obviously be good for keeping your children amused for a while; however, finding a good tablet at a low price used to be tricky. For a long time, it was thought that any tablet priced as low as £49.99 couldn't be good. However, Amazon bucked the trend with its 7-inch Fire tablet. The latest model of this slate is called the Fire 7 - and there's certainly a lot to like about it.

Many details of the Fire 7's features are on Amazon's UK website. You can purchase the tablet in a black, yellow, blue, or red enclosure and with 8GB or 16GB of onboard storage. While the device runs Amazon's Fire OS operating system rather than the better-known Android, the great services available include Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and - of course - Amazon Video.

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

Summer, many people would reckon, is at its most fun when spent outside. When your children do exactly that, they can capture their adventures on this physically light but highly functional camera. Aimed specifically at children, this device is available for just £26.99 from Argos.

However, despite that amazingly low price, it can still be used for on-the-move capturing of photos and videos which can then be edited in fun fashion. This camera even comes with a waterproof case allowing the taking of underwater photos. All of that enjoyment could leave your little ones thirsty - and, therefore, heading back to the juice dispenser. If you've got one, make sure it isn't empty...

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