Benefits of Slimline Serve Over Display Cabinets

Benefits of Slimline Serve Over Display Cabinets

Serve over display cabinets are a great addition to all cafes, delis and coffee shops, but how do you know what size you need? For those short on space, the slimline option could be the way to go! 

Unfortunately, not all shops and cafes have the advantage of excess space, but still have a large variety of produce to show off! If you are limited on space, but want to maximise your product display, shop our range of slimline serve over counters! Most of these serve over counters also include refrigerated under storage, which is great for maximising usable space, and also can save time on re-stocking! 

Depending on the model, each serve over counter will have a range of deck display areas, so it's always best to double check this if you're not sure. Line drawing are shown on each product page where possible to give an even better idea of size down to mm. If you can't find a line drawing for the product you are looking at, just ask one of our team and we should be able to source this for you. 

When ordering any product with us, it is always important to double check all access points, to ensure a fast and smooth delivery. Although the slimline serve over counters are desinged to fit through standard doorways, every site is different so make sure you measure before ordering! 


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