Benefits of a Low Height Multideck Display Chiller

Benefits of a Low Height Multideck Display Chiller

Low height multidecks cater to a large range of environments. From small corner shops that are short on space, to large supermarket till point areas that want to increase their impulse sales. Here we have listed a few of what we think are the main benefits of low height multideck display chillers. 


Unlike a full height multideck, the low height displays are great for ensuring an easier delivery. It has been known that some shops/supermarkets have had to remove the door frame to ensure a full height chiller can be located, however the low height models will easily fit through any standard doorway. 


Many low height models come with castors (wheels) fitted as standard, This means that the unit will be much more manageable when it comes to moving. For example, you might want to move this around the store to test where this works best to attract your customers attention, helping to increase impulse sales. 

Castors also are great as this means the unit can be maneouvred with ease, which makes cleaning under and around the unit much easier. 


Although most full height multideck do come with 5 shelves as standard, the low height options do still offer a great display area. Coming with a minimum of 2 shelves, plus the base area, there is still plenty of space to display products. If maximising products per shelf is a must, then be sure to take a look at the different depth options, a larger depth means more space! 

If you aren't sure which option would suit your store best, then remeber, you can always give our friendly sales staff a call and they will do their very best to advise you of all your options! 0161 442 9174

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