Before You Place a Service Call - Check List

Before You Place a Service Call - Check List

Do you know what to do in the unfortunate event of your chiller/freezer breaking down? Here we have listed a couple of hints and tips, which could save you plenty of time and call out costs, getting your unit back up and running with as little fuss as possible. 

If you own a pub/cafe/restaurant, or similar, you rely on your refrigeration equipment daily, and to increase sales. So what happens if you're having problems? It is natural to assume that you need an engineer to come out and fix the problem, but sometimes, faults can be diagnosed and resolved over the phone, eg. your fridge may not be coming down to the correct temperature, and this could be something as simple as the unit not being level. 

Please see some handy hints and tips for units not reaching temperature; 

What to check:

  • Is the condensor clear and dust free? A built up of dust/dirt can cause your unit to over heat and not come down to the correct temperature. 
  • Is there enough air-flow to the unit? If your unit is blocked in, lack of air flow around the fridge can also cause overheating. 
  • Has the temperature/control settings been changed by staff? 
  • Ensure the cabinet is positioned level, this allows defrost water to drain 

It is important to always refer back to the user manual to ensure the unit is being used and maintained correctly. 

Types of Warranty

Parts Only - A parts only warranty mean we will supply and faulty mechanical parts, once you have had a qualified engineer to come and look at the unit, and they have left a report advising what parts are needed. A parts only warranty is only recommended if your company has it's own engineer. We will not be able to cover any labour charges if you choose to take parts only warranty. You should always ask about warranites prior to order. 

Parts and Labour - We would send out the engineer to check the unit over, and we would also send the parts out if needed. If an engineer does attend and the fault is found to be a site/maintenance issue, the call out would then be chargeable, so it is important to double check the points above to ensure an engineer is required. 

If there are any doubts, or if you're not sure if you require an engineer, just give our office a call, we are always happy to help! 0161 442 9174 

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